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2021/2022 - Aircraft Powerplant Design Control and Maintenance C.I. - Proff. Ficarella e Primo

Course Requirements

Knowledge of the operating principles of fluid machinery and fluid dynamics. Basic elements of design and technology of fluid machines. Knowledge of aircraft propulsion and the basic principles of flight mechanics.

Aims of the course

(knowledge and understanding)

- Specialist knowledge of propulsion, advanced elements of mechanical design of aircraft engines.

- Knowledge of the internal fluid dynamics.

- Insights on design and technological features and performance of different types of engines.

- Insights into automatic controls and system design aimed at providing an integrated view of the aerospace product.

- Knowledge of advanced propulsion systems.

- Knowledge of specific technical terms in English.

(applying knowledge and understanding)

- Understanding of the main features of a project of the engine.

- Ability to perform sketches and preliminary dimensioning of the components of an aircraft engine.

- Ability to take action in the main stages the project of an aircraft engine.

- Advanced capabilities for the analysis of systems and control techniques.

- Ability to see the product in the form of system integrated complex.

(making judgements)

- Ability to analyze the mission requirements of the aircraft and to evaluate the necessary engine performance.

- Ability to understand the technological issues and system integration for the engine.

- Ability to understand the problems of research and development of an aircraft engine or of an aviation system.

(communication skills)

- Ability to communicate with experts in other fields of engineering for the integrated design of the engine.

(learning skills)

- Development of learning skills that enable to continue to study for the most part autonomously.

- Availability update the acquired knowledge.